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Are you relocating abroad or to a new area? We are here to support you throughout the process.

Our agency simplifies relocation : we are making every step of moving easier . Home hunting and a whole range of services are available to ensure a smooth relocation process. Also we can provide additionnal services for the well being of your staff…

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We assist businesses and organisations in building stronger employer brands and boost their attractiveness.

Our mission is to simplify your associates’ relocation process and secure the best
onboarding conditions, so that they fully focus on their new role. From the preparation of their arrival to their departure, we cover all the necessary steps to ensure the well-being of your new recruits and their families.

Employer Branding Experiences

Customer experiences

Thomas M.
Changing from Tours to Lannion in the insurance sector
In a word: INCREDIBLE!

The story is simple: I learned about my transfer 15 days before the effective date of the contract.

The goal? A city where there is more demand than supply, a change of address in 15 days while moving companies realize 80% of their year over the two summer months.

When I had Emmanuelle Rolland on the phone, she said to me: « Sir, I am the person who will accompany you in your transfer, I take care of everything. » I have often heard this phrase, but it had never been so professional, organized and, above all, interested! This woman was attentive to everything, on everything, coordinated all the stakeholders, advised me on the partners I worked with and who are serious!

I never imagined that entrusting the dream of a life to someone would have been so pleasant and responsible! A huge THANK YOU to you and… KENAVO!


Alexandre E.
Mobility from Long-Jumeau to Brest, hired at a national research institute
An extraordinary experience with Carrières Nomades.

Thanks to a professional opportunity, I had to move to Brest in a fairly short time (roughly two weeks notice), from the Paris region.

Emmanuelle Rolland accompanied me throughout the process, in an efficient and kind way. His professionalism, responsiveness and patience really made the difference: I could never have found an apartment as well in such a short time. The service went far beyond my expectations. Given the local real estate market and the period (end of June), I would never have imagined being so well installed so quickly.

Proactivity, responsiveness, availability, flexibility, organization, are qualifiers that completely characterize my experience with Emmanuelle and generally the team of Carrières Nomades, which I sincerely and warmly thank!

I highly recommend Carrières Nomades; thank you again!

Régis S.
Mobility from Plancoët to Brest, Transferred to a large Brest group
Very efficient and attentive.
Arriving soon in the Brest region, the Carrieres Nomades team was very efficient.

Thanks to Annabel for the consideration of my file and Astrid who relieved the mission. A dossier launched on 24 January, a first proposal on 01/02 that perfectly matched my criteria… and invisible on the market.

File validated on 08/02 and delivery of keys on 17/02. We were certainly lucky given the current tension in the Brest market and its surroundings but this chance is probably part of the efficiency. The number of supporting documents to be provided is important but once this constraint is met, you can trust Carrieres Nomades to support you effectively.

Thanks also to the little touches to discover the surroundings… Do not hesitate to entrust them with your support requests, the team will be responsive and very pleasant.

Marcos S.
Mobility from Brazil to Brest, hired as a researcher at a national research institute
Definitely, one of the best experience I’ve had.

 Company committed with great employees to help your relocation.

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