Our Commitment

Code of ethics
Code of Ethics:

We comply with the ethical code inherent to our professional union, the SNPRM (National Union of Relocation and Mobility Professionals). This means that we respect the confidentiality of any information entrusted to us.

Customized service
Bespoke service:

We share opportunities via our network of real estate professionals and local partners. We set up various  events, offer top tips...

Network and sharing
Networking and sharing:

The sharing of our real estate network and local partners. The organization of different meeting events, sharing our good plans...

We are concerned with disability issues and convinced that animals have an important role of support or guide.
Handi’Chiens  is an association that we have chosen to sponsor because it brings help and joy to vulnerable children or adults.
Café Joyeux works towards the inclusion of people with mental disabilities and contributes to their autonomy and well-being. Supporting the association also means enjoying coffee and tea purchased on their location and in the Cafés Joyeux.
In addition, we are eagerly following the oncoming opening of  Brest ‘Happy Café’ !
Heurus is a very qualitative chain of senior residences with which we have forged virtuous links to accommodate newcomers temporarily with  turnkey options.

Heurus and Carrières Nomades have joined up to build cross-generational connections in a spirit of developing social responsibility.
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