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 We are located in the city centre of Brest, Finistère, and we work with individuals and organisations in Brittany and across France via our network of correspondents, all members of the SNPRM.

As employee induction enablers, we make every effort to promote the professional mobility of employees. High quality standards, responsiveness to requests and flexibility are the core values of Carrières Nomades.

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Favorite of Annabel !

Route Mandarine is an invitation to travel among the scents. Various natural beauty products made by Tiphaine and its team in our beautiful territory! Favorite Annabel.

Favorite of Emmanuelle !

A long-time Brittany lover,  I moved to Brest 15 years ago. I soon fell under the spell of its  people and changing landscapes and decided to explore every nook and cranny of Finistère and the region .

Among the many places I particularly like is the Coast of Legends. From Brignogan to Ménéham, discover a breathtaking coastline and let yourself be enthralled by the white sand and crystal-clear sea, whether it is sunny or cloudy…

Let me show you!

For almost 4 years, Brest’s attractive city brand has been promoting the most beautiful places in our region. Colourful pictures, originally designed as posters, are now available in a whole range of items including jigsaws and great finds for your home . This is the ideal place to pick an original gift, designed and made in Brittany, and have fun. Camille is the designer of all her items . Visit her shop at 38 rue Amiral Linois in Brest.

Favorite of Valérie !

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